The Rotary Club of Penn Valley just completed its annual Food Basket Project. This Project distributes food “baskets” to 30 needy Penn Valley families. The supplies provide groceries for a traditional holiday dinner (turkey and the fixings) as well as meals for the holiday school break.

The baskets consist of three reusable grocery bags filled with both non-perishable (cereals, sandwich makings, soup, spaghetti, hot chocolate mix, etc.) and perishable items (carrots, apples, cuties, bread, dinner rolls), along with a turkey and a five-pound bag of potatoes.

Baskets and bags are ready to go!

Joanie and Debbi load the bags in their cars for delivery to the schools

The baskets are augmented with groceries collected during the schools’ food drives. Funds for this project are raised by community members donating their WOW points (loyalty program at Holiday Market) to the Rotary Club of Penn Valley (Code #476).

The Rotary Club would like to thank all those folks that donated their WOW points to make this community project successful! The PTC at Ready Springs and Williams Ranch also donate funds. The Club would also like to thank Holiday Market, The Union/NCCA and the Delta Windjammers DGC/OTB Discs for donating the reusable grocery bags.

This is a very generous community! Thank you!

Debbi Corbett, Chair

Food Basket Project