Member Responsibilities
Greeter - Chuck Zavitz 
Pledge - Mark Fleming 
Invocation - Mike Dobbins
4-Way Test - Peter Nazarkewich
2016-17 President's Theme
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Tuesday, Jan. 10 - Penn Valley Rotary Club Board Meeting 
Saturday, Feb. 4 - Pre-PETS
March 3 -5 - PETS
Friday, March 31 - Grants Management Training
Saturday, April 1 - Club Leadership Assembly
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Susan Gisler
March 6
Tracy Swope
March 6
Bob Kline
March 14
Debbi Corbett
March 21
Dave Henderson
March 22
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March 3
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Janet Broder
March 30
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Barry Gray
March 1, 1983
34 years
Barbara Ross
March 11, 2003
14 years
David Walker
March 15, 1982
35 years
Chuck Zavitz
March 17, 1983
34 years
Mike Heauser
March 17, 1993
24 years
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
Program - Bob Long's
500 Mile Walk through Spain
President's Message
David Walker
member photo
Karen McDonald
From co-president Dave Walker
Eighteen individuals participated in our first Club Social event at Player’s Pizza and More.  Fun, great food and a dedicated server were enjoyed by all.  Meeting in an active bar and dining on two large tables separated us by noise and activity from being able to ideally fellowship with all attendees over the course of the evening.    
We are open to any and all suggestions for modifications that would make our monthly social meetings a huge success.
Next Tues March 7th will be dark at Players as All Nevada County Clubs will be meeting Monday, March 6th, at the Foothill Event Center at 11:30 to hear Senior Annual Giving Officer for Rotary Zones 25 & 26 Chair, Steve Solomon.  Lunch will cost $15. We are looking forward to a great turnout.
Our program 2/28/2017 will be Grass Valley Rotary’s Bob Long sharing his recent 500 mile walk through Spain. Please come and enjoy this great talk and great video.
Club assignments:
Greeter: Sheila Grizzell
Pledge: Natalie Hannah
Invocation: Darlene Won-Golder
4Way Test: Phil Conlon