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Greeter:  Mark Bailey
Pledge:  Pat Swope
Invocation:  Barbara Ross
4-Way Test: Gene Vander Plaats
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September 8, 2015
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Club Meeting 12:15 pm
President's Message
Mike Dobbins
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From President Mike Dobbins 
Whatcha doin’ in mid-February?
Wanna go hang with the kids?
We had the pleasure of Bonnie Brown co-president of the NU Interact, visiting us last meeting. She’s looking for a male chaperone for next February’s Interact foray into the local wilderness. 
If you’re interested, the event runs February 10-17. Reach out the Lindy Beatie, 916-849-5347, and let her know, or let our Barb know, she’s on top of that stuff, too.
Denise Franklin-Haynes, Nevada County Diaper Project Executive Director, was our guest Tuesday. The project, first organized locally by one of Wildwood’s First families, the Fagans, Cathy and Bill, collects and disburses some 5 thousand diapers to those in need. It is part of a national effort, Denise says, to provide much needed diaper to mothers everywhere.
Denise says products are acquired from many different sources and then distributed through local services like Interfaith Food Ministry, Food Bank, etc.  The local facility operates out of a donated garage inside the gates. 
Denise, a two-year resident of Lake Wildwood, is actively involved in many of the community’s clubs: Garden Club, Pickleball, Collectables and the Women’s Club.
If you’re interested in donating —preferred dollars rather than diapers—contact the Nevada County effort, (925) 998-4797.
Next Week's Member Responsibilities:
Greeter:  Mark Bailey   
Pledge:  Pat Swope   
Invocation:  Barbara Ross   
4-Way Test:  Gene Vander Plaats