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DeeDee Vierra      June 2
Rick Nolle             June 22
RIP Frank Luporini June 4 would have been his 100th Birthday...
Rotary Anniversary Join Dates
Mark Bailey         June 2017
Mark Fleming      June 2004
This week Tuesday at noon, Richard Baker, from Nevada City Engineering, will give an update on the Western Gateway Bike Park....Thanks to our wonderful Bob Kline, Penn Valley Rotary Club was a supporter of the Bike Park through a District Grant...if you've not been to the Bike Park, or even if you have and don't know what the bumps and tires are used for, join in the Zoom meeting to listen as Richard talks about the "dream to reality" of this fabulous asset in our park...Zoom link to follow - watch your email and if you know of anyone who might like to join us, feel free to share the link...
Meetings for June...Zoom link will be forwarded via email separately the Sunday before the meeting...
Here's the run down for the June meetings:
June 23...Zoom lunch meeting 12:00 noon...visit from Dutch Rotorator who drove from The Netherlands to Gambia on a Rotary project...yes, she'll be joining in from The Netherlands live!!
June 26 (new date!!)..Demotion of President Lindy (about time...LOL)  ...salad, BYO Drinks and a dessert to for an email from Past President Mark and PE Pamela for details...
Meetings in July...
President Pamela is still gauging the pulse of our club to see in what format, what time schedule etc we should continue...if you'd like to connect with her: ...stay tuned...thanks for your patience...
Disc & Dine...Date to be determined...
Golf for Kids...Sunday, October 18...connect with Gene Vander Plaats or Dan Halloran to sign up...
The Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run has been postponed til November 1, 2020 at Western Gateway Park...we will need volunteers to help with registration...
The 2020 Free Residential Green Waste Event is scheduled for May 17th – June 27th, 2020.Penn Valley Rodeo Grounds 10513 Spenceville Road, Penn Valley, from 9am – 3pm Sunday - Tuesday....Volunteers Julie at

Check out the Rotary International Virtual Convention at today for the general sessions and breakouts...this is a rare opportunity to participate in a RI Convention for FREE!!  some of the breakouts include:

June 22....12:00 - Engaging Rotary Alumni

Discuss how to better engage Rotary alumni.

Wednesday, 24 June
8:00 - Adopt-a-River Initiative: A Rotary & UNEP Partnership Model

Learn how Rotary District 9212 and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) developed a scalable partnership model.

Thursday, 25 June
18:00 - Digital Trends of 2021: Using Tech to Engage Millennials

Apply digital trends to attract and engage millennials.

Friday, 26 June
8:00 - Engage Young Families with Service and Alternative Meetings

Learn to position Rotary as quality family time and a lesson on community.

Remember to check out the District 5190 Leadership Learning Assembly online for other training opportunities...
This Rotary International Year ends on June 30...At the Penn Valley Rotary Club Board meeting, the discount of District dues was discussed in relationship to each club member's overall dues...the dues for this Rotary Year (July 1 to June 30) will be $155, reflecting the $20 discount for District 5190 dues...this is a one time discount...Each member will receive a statement from the Treasurer listing their dues amount and the amounts of their birthday/anniversary fines...the dues may be paid in two parts, July/august 2020, and January 2021...the birthday/anniversary fines are due in the month that each occurs...each member will be receiving an updated statement to follow their payment progress...questions: contact President Pamela at or Treasurer Ed at if you have not already done so, please make your Rotary International Foundation donation before June 30...Thanks!!!
Check out our Rotary Club of Penn Valley facebook page for fun pictures like these..
Ready Spring Elementary 8th grade celebration...Thanks to Mark Bailey, Joanie Bumpus and Lindy Beatie (and Gordon) for helping out..
Remember, when you can, support our local businesses and especially Players Pizza!!  thanks
That's it for now...see you all on June 16!!!
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