The Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Penn Valley
March 28, 2021
Birthday ......
George Broder                                    April 11
Anniversaries  heart
Nicole and Matt Gagnon                    April 19            17 years
Lindy and Gordon Beatie                  April 20            19 years
Date Joined Rotary ....Lindy Beatie, April 2006
Remember - 50 cents for every birthday year....$1 for every Anniversary year....these fines have been pre-invoiced...if you do not have a spouse anniversary, you will be invoiced for your Rotary anniversary!!
Weekly News

April Rotary Theme: Maternal and Child Heath Month
***News on Joannie Bumpus - she is back at home, doctors think her episode was related to stress..however she is not allowed to drive and will probably need additional help depending on whether she moves to Reno or not...Tina Skrukrud is helping out ...will send more updates or requests for help when needed...
***special thanks to Mike Dobbins for the fantastic article in the TWI on our garden project and on the JB Daffodil Run...does wonders for our "brand"...
A Note from Your President Elect:
It was a pleasure to present at our meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Vision I have for the Penn Valley Rotary  in 2021/22.  
As we enter the “red tier” and most of us get our Covid shots, it is likely that we will begin to be able to meet in person again by the new Rotary year.   I will be calling each one of you to talk about your feelings on returning to meetings, how often you would like to meet, and what you would like to see within our Rotary Club this year.  

I also want to increase the number of socials. Being cooped up for a year, I think we are ALL ready to PARTY!  In addition, the number one reason someone joins and stays with Rotary is for the fellowship.  This year, for a number of reasons, we have lost many of our members.   I remember when I joined in 2019, our membership was around 40 members.  We have 25 members today.  So we need to grow!   Please invite those new neighbors that just moved up from the Bay Area.   They need to make new friends and Rotary is the perfect way to do that!

I am working with our President Pam and our AG Lindy to develop some gratifying projects.    Some we will do on our own, and some we may do with other clubs in the area.  I also want to introduce a new fundraiser.   I learned about this great opportunity during my PE Training that can make excellent money for the club but does not involve a lot of physical work on behalf of the members.  Some computer and sales efforts yes, but no back breaking work involved.  So, stay tuned for this opportunity.

Lastly, I want our meetings to be meaningful and valuable to all members.  Any ideas you have on Speakers would be great.  I also would like to see more of the local businesses involved in our club and we will be inviting those business to speak and visit our meetings in hopes that we can recruit many of them to join us. 
Thank you all for your support and I look forward to being your 2021/22 President.
Joyce Feldman
NEXT MEETING....APRIL 6, 5PM... Eric Trygg will be commemorating the life of the late Madelyn Helling, the first county librarian, who passed away recently at the age of 95. If you are a lover of Nevada County’s libraries, you owe a debt of gratitude to Madelyn Helling. She came here from San Francisco in 1974. Under her leadership as county librarian, Truckee’s library became a reality, the public voted to finance the county library system with three tax measures, and the sumptuous Nevada County Library that carries her name was opened in 1991. For decades she has volunteered for scores of nonprofits and was particularly a champion of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum. Join us to hear about Eric's 20 year friendship with Madelyn and why he so admired her ... 
We will also have a short visit from our Cub Scout Troop 275. Our Club sponsors this troop and like to have them pop in from time to time to let us know what they're up to...
**April 7....Area Speech contest...there will be two session of this virtual speech contest: Noon to 2 and 4pm to 6 pm, we have 6 contestants ...Please email if you would like the link to listen in. 
**May 4 "Welcome Back" club social, 5 for details...
**May 18, noon, Dr. Brett McFadden and staff discussing the Career Technical and Ag programs at the High Schools
Mark Fleming, Gordon Beatie, Pamela Yazell, Joyce and Bruce Feldman, Principal Chrissy and son Seamus, 7 & 8 grade teacher Cameron Cox, Eric Trygg, Mark Bailey, Greg Marshall, Lindy Beatie, We got the dirt in the beds and the wood chips was a very productive day...!!  Have a great Spring Break all...
Sign up NOW!!! 20th annual Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run....the run will take place between  April 1-11 ... ...$25 registration, 16 years and older, $15 for 15 and younger... registration and more information on the website at ... if you want to walk, sign up for the 5K run and just walk the course...funds from the run support our work with schools and scholarships...we'll need helpers to stuff swag bags and get them ready to mail to participants after the run/walk...stay tuned for sign up ...
****Registration now open for the 2021 virtual District conference...
NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO INVITE A FRIEND TO JOIN OUR ROTARY CLUB...Dues for the second half of the year are only $75 for January 2021- June 2021....Invite them to a zoom meeting (it only takes attending two meetings to begin the membership process)...we've got some great projects going and welcome new ideas and fresh faces...
Stay safe, healthy and PURPLE!!
AND #5....HAVE FUN!!
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