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Tuesday, March 7, 2017
President's Message
David Walker
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Karen McDonald
From co-president Dave Walker
Those who attended our Tuesday February 28th meeting where treated to a marvelous presentation and slide show of Bob Long's 500 miles walk through Spain. We could have easily dedicated another two hours to hearing and viewing Bob’s experiences. We shared food, terrane, architecture, culture and the impact of the Catholic Church each step of the way through Spain.
Don’t forget we are dark Tuesday March 7th.
Ten of our members and my guest Mike Mastrodonato, President of the Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce, are signed up for a wonderful catered lunch at the Foothill Event Center March 6th. The featured speaker will be Rotary International’s Steven Solomon sharing his experience with Rotary International programs. Cost of the meal is $15. Please sign in with Barbara Ross as you enter to pay and receive your meal ticket.
There will be a Rotary Club Board Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday March 14th followed by our regular Club Meeting lead by our own Karen McDonald.