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Doug McDonald    May 27
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Mike Dobbins      May 24 1987
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This Tuesday, May 26, we will be treated to a guided video tour from Kara at Curious Forge...the meeting will begin at 5:00 pm with some quick updates; Kara will join us at 5:30 to begin the tour...If you've never been to the Curious Forge, this video will be a treat - located off of Bitney Spring Road, The Curious Forge started in 2011 with a small group of artisans looking for a space. The Forge is a 20,000 sq ft space where artistic, technical and industrial artisans have access to equipment. Textile to design fab, ceramics to metal work, the Forge is open to young and old, the newbie and the seasoned as a cooperative  nonprofit where members can practice their arts and learn or teach a trade. 
The zoom link will come in a separate email to you so check your email by Monday for that link...
LAST WEEK'S meeting; Special thanks to  Supervisor Sue Hoek for updating us on all the activities happening within our county during the Pandemic...and we were treated to a special visit from Andrew Puleo, our 2015 Rotary Youth Exchange student. Andrew graduates from Cal Poly SLO and will be working for WorkDay in Pleasanton as a computer engineer .. we hope to keep in touch with Andrew as he ventures out on this new journey...
Celebrate Good Times!!  8th grade graduation celebration...
There will be a Graduation drive-by celebration on June 4 for the Ready Springs' 8th graders...we have been asked to help with directing traffic and staging starting at 9 am...Thanks to Ed McSweeney and Mark Bailey for stepping up, we could use 2-3 more helpers..let President Lindy 
The 2020 Free Residential Green Waste Event is scheduled for May 17th – June 27th, 2020.Penn Valley Rodeo Grounds 10513 Spenceville Road, Penn Valley, from 9am – 3pm Sunday - Tuesday....Volunteers Julie at
Want to pitch in to help buy t-shirts for the 2020 graduating class of Nevada Union High School? We're looking to pass the hat to purchase shirts for 350 grads as a momento of their years...connect with Dave Walker if you'd like to help...
SAD TO SAY....crying….  PDG Doug and Karen McDonald are transferring to the Nevada City Club…Thanks for all you've done for our club, the area and our District…come visit & stay in touch…
Remember to check out the District 5190 Leadership Learning Assembly online for details
Joint 19/20 & 20/21 board meeting June 9...Zoom style...President Elect Pamela Yazell presiding...if you'd like to take part, let her know...if you have some suggestions, connect with her
That's it for now...see you all Tuesday!!!
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