The Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Penn Valley
November 8, 2020
NOVEMBER Birthdays......
Ross, Barbara                           Nov 18
Gibson, Torie                            Nov 22
Swope, Pat                                Nov 26
Dillavou, Anna                         Nov 29
Anniversaries       heartheart
Bruce and Darleen Won-Golder        November 17, 1990
Date Joined Rotary 
Paula Collins                                    November 6, 1990
Remember - 50 cents for every birthday year....$1 for every Anniversary year....these fines have been pre-invoiced...if you do not have a spouse anniversary, you will be invoiced for your Rotary anniversary!!
Weekly News
November Rotary Theme: Rotary Foundation Month!!!
This week's meeting.....Tuesday, November 10, 5pm....What's the Rotary International Foundation all about? 
Next meeting ... Tuesday, November 24 noon meeting...gratitude week...we may be bringing lunch to our first responders at PV Fire Dept...stay tuned for details...
PV Rotary Club Board meeting....Nov 17 at noon
PV Rotary Club Foundation board meeting...Nov 23 or 25...details to follow...
Keep Gene VDP in your's been a tough few weeks for his family....heart


Penn Valley Rotary interview on KNCO, Nov 6 ... President Pamela and Mark Bailey discussed our club's activities at a recent interview on KNCO radio...Hopefully others will be interested enough to check us out ...our gardens project is a great example of our work in our community...
Rotary International Foundation month...why is this important? Well, one reason is that our club receives grants from these funds that help us do projects in our community like a Bike Park, Breaking Down the Walls for Ready Springs, and re-invigorating the garden at Ready Springs school...So if you have not made your Rotary International Foundation donation for this year, please consider doing so this month -- every little bit helps...

Please volunteer!!! Paula Collins and Prez Pamela are starting a "Read to the Class" program with Williams Ranch school, via zoom.. Anyone who wants to help read once a week to students for approximately 1/2 hour via zoom, connect with Paula Collins at 273-7461...Should be FUN !!! (remember our 5th Rotary Rule!!)...
Speaking of Golf for Kids Sake....Update on $$....our fabulous team has raised over $5,000 from this event...this is the event folks!!  everyone who can golf, should golf and we can all help raise sponsorships for this event...
Please send in your  dues payment (if you have not done so) and your birthday/anniversary fines if it's your month!!..mail to the club at PO Box 120, Penn Valley, CA can pay in two installments, and do not have to pay your birthday/anniversary fines until the month they are due....Thanks for keeping Rotary alive in Penn Valley...
Note from Bob Kline:
"Thank you Joyce for your concern and congratulations.  Grandkids are an unending source of joy in our lives.
Well, Jan and I keep rolling along, securely attached to our rollators and fully adjusted to hibernation.  Health-wise,  Jan contends with vertigo and I, with ALS.  Fortunately, I can still drive and maintain my independence.  The Veteran’s Association has stepped up and awarded me disability compensation and furnished funds for home adaptations that make it easier and safer to carry out normal living tasks.  I will be going to the UC Davis ALS Clinic next week to determine treatment protocols.  Jan has been a wonderful caretaker and has her hands full with a cantankerous old codger. 
We have decided that our beloved LWW home is too much to manage so we have purchased a smaller, single-story home in Eskaton Village.  Escrow closes December 10.  So, between doctor’s appointments and down-sizing we will be quite busy in the weeks ahead.  Our gracious and extremely helpful neighbors have been very supportive and we will deeply miss them.
We will keep our LWW home until our move and all the adaptations we need are complete.  COVID 19 throws a shroud over what all of us can do but we will keep our eyes on the prize.
Regrettably, because of all that we face,  I will be limiting what else I do.  I will try to sit in on our Zoom meetings from time to time so keep me informed when they will take place.
R/ Bob and Jan"
Mark your calendars:
WOW Points collection at Holiday Market...November 21? and Dec 5? doubling checking on these dates....
Penn Valley Rotary Club board meeting: Nov 17, noon
Area 4 Youth Services committee meeting...Monday, Nov 9 at 4:30 pm...connect with PP Lindy if you want to join in...
Stay safe, healthy and PURPLE!!
AND #5....HAVE FUN!!
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