Member Responsibilities
Greeter:  Barbara Ross
Pledge:  Mark Fleming
Invocation:  Mike Heauser
4-Way Test: Rick Nolle 
2017-18 President's Theme
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Saturday, August 5 - Roots & Wings Wine Cruise
Friday, September 1 - River Cats Game
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Mike Heauser
August 25
Pat Swope
Bob Purcell
August 22
Chuck Zavitz
Betty Zavitz
August 25
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Peter Nazarkewich
August 9, 2016
1 year
Karen McDonald
August 18, 2015
2 years
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Club Meeting 12:15 pm
PROGRAM:  Denise Haynes, Executive Director 
The Nevada County Diaper Project  
President's Message
Mike Dobbins
member photo
From President Mike Dobbins 
With nearly 20 gathered, we had an opportunity for serious discussion about the things, as a club, we’re doing right and those that may not fit our format.
What was clear is we are very happy with the location of our club meetings and the food and service provided there.
We also agreed we have maintained a very good record of service to our community, with efforts such as Science Night at the local schools, Christmas Food Basket project, also a conjoined with the local schools, and Christmas Lights in the Park among others.  All were in favor of continuing those efforts and seek ways to improve them.
Much discussion centered around increasing membership in the club. One idea rang clear with many. It was suggested we target a specific meeting date once in each quarter, invite as many potential members as we can (contest?), schedule a stand-out guest speaker, and spend our official meeting time focused on what Rotary does, and how it does it.  If we move forward with this, I plan to formulate a committee of seasoned Rotarians to meet with proposed new members and provide what it means, and the requirements of, being a Rotarian. That’s only fair to the nominees, and the club.
Many ideas were floated about the way to create a major fundraiser for our club. But none seemed to find traction. As it is, we have two existing sources: the Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run (which we help support Penn Valley Chamber, Penn Valley Lions Club and N.E.O. run the event), and the Drew Reynolds Memorial Softball tourney.  It was agreed to put more effort in those events, to make them more successful for the community and our club.
Unfortunately, time ran out before we could address the ominous issue of unfilled seats on the club’s board of directors. One member carries three titles, another two and no one has agreed to be president next year. 
Mark reported the River Cats’ bus is full and all 54 of us will be sitting along the First Baseline Friday, September 1st, filling ourselves with corn dogs and garlic fries.  Please see that your dollars for that event are submitted real soon. Thanks, Mark, for the work in organizing this annual, fun event.
Tuesday, the 29th, our guest speaker will be Denise Haynes, executive Director of Nevada County’s Diaper Project. (No, baby diapers. Not Depends) See you then.
Next Week's Member Responsibilities:
Greeter:  Barbara Ross 
Pledge:  Mark Fleming
Invocation:  Mike Heauser
4-Way Test: Rick Nolle