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Greeter - Greg Marshall
Pledge - Darleen Won Golder 
Invocation - Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon
4-Way Test - Rick Nolle
2016-17 President's Theme
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Tuesday, Jan. 10 - Penn Valley Rotary Club Board Meeting 
Saturday, Feb. 4 - Pre-PETS
March 3 -5 - PETS
Friday, March 31 - Grants Management Training
Saturday, April 1 - Club Leadership Assembly
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Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon
January 12
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January 31
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Margie Gray
January 14
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January 25
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January 1, 1986
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January 1, 1993
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January 1, 1971
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January 1, 2012
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January 1, 1988
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January 19, 1993
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January 19, 2010
7 years
Darleen Won-Golder
January 20, 2015
2 years
Bob Kline
January 26, 2010
7 years
Russell Hampton
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Regular Club Meeting
12:15 PM
Program:  TBA
President's Message
David Walker
member photo
Karen McDonald
From co-president Karen McDonald
Another well attended meeting, thank you for coming out in the rain and chill. Sure hope Greg Marshall doesn’t have any more trees coming down and Debbi Corbett has her water encroachment under control. Pat Swope is still having back issues – we send you positive thoughts, she is also supporting AARP members with tax help. It was wonderful to see Sheila Grizzell once again. We are missing our friends Frank Luporini and Earl Langguth, everyone says hi Frank and Earl! Happy Birthday shout out to Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon!
Our Pleasant Valley School Principal Teena Corker was in attendance with the school’s recipient for Award of Excellence, Lili Chazen and her parents Josh and Tracy Chazen. Lili, an eighth grader, is enthusiastic about school, willing to help teachers or other students with projects, respectful of her school mates and always wearing a smile. Thank you Jeanne Puleo and Torie England for brining us these great individuals. 
Barbara Ross and Jeanne Puleo will be bringing us our high school students for the annual Music Contest.  Our Club contest date is set for Jan 31. Members with music abilities will be asked to help judge this event.
Our speaker was Michael LaMarca, VP of Sierra Cinemas. He spoke on the process of getting films and how his company is working hard to develop the movie experience for the Nevada City, Grass Valley and Penn Valley patrons. Thank you Eric Trygg for another great program.
Dan Halloran received his Paul Harris +5 for his donations to The Rotary Foundation this year. Thank you for supporting our community and the world with your donations – you are helping to make our world a better place.
Two important new features for our club:
  • Social evening – instead of our usual meeting, once a month we are going to try having a Social gathering at 5pm. Spouses and friends are welcome to join us for this casual, pay-your-way, evening. No real program, just enjoy the friendships and hear the latest news. Our first one is set for Tuesday, Feb 21 at Players. A count will be made the week before, Dave of Players will have a server on staff just for our group, you will be able to choose what you wish from the menu and the bar, you will pay your own bill.  Thank you to Mark Fleming for bringing this idea back up to the Board.
  • See's Candy Sales for our Club Foundation Funds – Working with the Penn Valley Lions Club, we will be taking the following holidays and selling candy: Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. The profit from the sales will go to support the activities we do in our community such as the food baskets, student and teacher appreciation, Science Night at the School, WGP Bike project, scholarships and contest awards, support of local activities such as the Little League, Boy Scouts, students attending RYLA and REGL plus others. What we will need to do is staff the trailer and sell the product. More information coming soon, be watching for the email or announcement at our meeting. We hope to be selling Feb 7 – 14. Sheila Grizzell has given us the opportunity to sell at the Tri-Counties Bank and Crazy 4 Yogurt shop also. Thank you Dave Walker for bringing us this opportunity.
Thank you for a great meeting, member engagement was fantastic!
Until Tuesday,
Karen McDonald
Co-President, Rotary Club of Penn Valley