The Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Penn Valley
November15, 2020
NOVEMBER Birthdays......
Ross, Barbara                           Nov 18
Ed McSweeney                         Nov 20
Gibson, Torie                            Nov 22
Swope, Pat                                Nov 26
Dillavou, Anna                         Nov 29
Anniversaries       heartheart
Bruce and Darleen Won-Golder        November 17, 1990
Ed and Jeanna McSweeney                   November 20
Date Joined Rotary 
Paula Collins                                    November 6, 1990
Remember - 50 cents for every birthday year....$1 for every Anniversary year....these fines have been pre-invoiced...if you do not have a spouse anniversary, you will be invoiced for your Rotary anniversary!!
Weekly News
November Rotary Theme: Rotary Foundation Month!!!
Next meeting ... Tuesday, November 24 noon Zoom meeting....."Gratitude in so many ways" - Awards for our Club earned during the 2019-2020 year...
PV Rotary Club Board meeting....Nov 17 at noon
PV Rotary Club Foundation board meeting...Nov PP Lindy is you want to attend
We had a great meeting about the Rotary Foundation from Terry Brown.... So much great information about what the Rotary Foundation is doing around the world and also right here in our own backyard...Remember, we are using Rotary Foundation matching funds to upgrade the Ready Springs School garden and we have also used funds to help build the Bike Park in Western Gateway, provide a "Breaking Down the Walls" program for middle schoolers and so much more over the years...If you have not made your contribution to the Rotary International Foundation, here's a suggestion from Terry: multiple the dollars you would have spent on a weekly lunch by 10, and send that amount to the'll help grow our portion of the funds that come back to our district and to our club...
Our Club's board meeting will be this Tuesday, Nov 17 at noon...if you would like to attend, via Zoom, email me, President Pam, at for the agenda and zoom link..
OOPS - missed this birthday and anniversary!!  So sorry to our Treasurer Ed McSweeney for forgetting to list his birthday and anniversary on the last issue of the's the same day so hard to forget -- Happy Birthday next Friday, Nov 20 and Happy Anniversary as many years??? He's not telling...
Please volunteer!!! Paula Collins and Prez Pamela are starting a "Read to the Class" program with Williams Ranch school, via zoom.. Anyone who wants to help read once a week to students for approximately 1/2 hour via zoom, connect with Paula Collins at 273-7461...Should be FUN !!! (remember our 5th Rotary Rule!!)...
Note of gratitude from Supervisor Sue Hoek...
"Thank you Penn Valley Rotary!  I love that you donated to the PV Library-- i have fond memories of time spent there with my children and librarian Francis ...I will enjoy my book mark...Let me know what I might do to support you in the future...Sincerely, Sue Hoek"....Our Club donates a book to the school libraries in honor of each of Rotary's focus of service is Education and Literacy..Thank you for your service to our community, Supervisor Sue!!!
And the $$ keep rolling in...Thank you Gene Vander Plaats for raising over $1000 for our Golf for Kids Sake!!  what a great club we have!!  These funds will help send high school students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening, send 8th graders to Rotary Eighth Grade Leadership camp, support the Ready Springs garden, provide books and other youth related funding for our community...
If you have not already done so....Please send in your  dues payment  and your birthday/anniversary fines if it's your month!!..mail to the club at PO Box 120, Penn Valley, CA can pay in two installments, and do not have to pay your birthday/anniversary fines until the month they are due....Thanks for keeping Rotary alive in Penn Valley...
Recap from the Area 4 Youth Services committee: Dates for RYLA camp will be: week of - June 13 & 20, and July 11...the District still plans on holding RYLA at Grizzly Creek this year...our club will reach out to those selected last year and ask if they want to attend...we support 2 campers each applications are due to District  March 1...REGL will be the last 2 weekends in September, 17-19 & 24-26....Our District Rotary Youth Exchange has 27 applicants, 2 from our Area...interviews to be held in December...Looking for activities that we can do remotely or in small groups with our HS Interactors, also with our MS Interactors after the first of the year, ideas welcome...Music contest will be held in partnership with Music in the Mountains, Grass Valley Club is responsible this year...More to come...
Our club is responsible for setting up the Speech contest for the Area 4 clubs...Lindy will be reaching out for volunteers next from each area for both Music and Speech contest are due to the District chairs by March 3 so we need to shake a leg...we need to reach out to the High Schools, divide applicants among the 5 clubs, have a run off with the winners from each club and then have that winner's name submitted to the District Speech Chair...lots of work in a narrow window...
Mark your calendars:
  • WOW Points collection at Holiday this space for information on Holiday Baskets for Families during Covid...may look a little different..
  • Penn Valley Rotary Club board meeting: Nov 17, noon
  • Penn Valley Rotary Club Foundation Board meeting: Nov 23, noon...
Stay safe, healthy and PURPLE!!
AND #5....HAVE FUN!!
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