Member Responsibilities
Greeter - Dr. George Broder 
Pledge - Peter Nazarkewich 
Invocation - Natalie Hannah
4-Way Test - DGE Doug McDonald
2016-17 President's Theme
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Tuesday, Jan. 10 - Penn Valley Rotary Club Board Meeting 
Saturday, Feb. 4 - Pre-PETS
March 3 -5 - PETS
Friday, March 31 - Grants Management Training
Saturday, April 1 - Club Leadership Assembly
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon
January 12
Mark Fleming
January 31
Spouse Birthdays
Margie Gray
January 14
Jan Kline
January 25
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Barbara Novak
January 1, 1986
31 years
Bob Nix
January 1, 1993
24 years
Dave Henderson
January 1, 1971
46 years
Sherry Bartolucci
January 1, 2012
5 years
Susan Gisler
January 1, 1988
29 years
Debbi Corbett
January 19, 1993
24 years
Phil Conlon
January 19, 2010
7 years
Darleen Won-Golder
January 20, 2015
2 years
Bob Kline
January 26, 2010
7 years
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Regular Club Meeting
12:15 PM
Program:  Steve Monaghan
Nevada County Chief Information Officer
President's Message
David Walker
member photo
Karen McDonald
From co-president Dave Walker
Peter Franchino, the magician, kept us entertained with awesome talent. He explained some of his tricks while leaving others unfathomable.  Barbara Ross and Sheila Grizzell played their cards close to the chest but are still trying to figure out how 15 cards went into each sealed envelope and only 12 came out of one while 18 came out of the other without them feeling a thing. - Thank you Eric Trygg for another great program.
This Tuesday, the Ready Springs School “Award of Excellence” will be presented to student Hannah West.
Calling all Rotarians.  Attendance has been very low.  Each of you, please call a Rotarian friend who has been absent and let them know how much we missed them.  Two Thirds of our group didn’t show last meeting.  Low representation makes it very difficult to attract speakers and gives the wrong message when giving awards.  Reach out and bring a friend to the next meeting.
We will not be selling See’s candies this Valentine’s Day because there isn’t enough time to organize before the event.  Our first big candy event this year will be Easter.  
I am pleased to report Bob Kline is home from the hospital and doing well.
Our program this coming Tuesday will feature Steve Monaghan, Nevada County Chief Information Officer, who will share about County resources and the Child Advocates Program.