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Two Additional Newsletter Items:
From our Community Services Chair, Joanie Bumpus:
Yesterday I was at the park and visiting the current staff member.. I brought up the question of getting the women’s restroom painted.
She checked in with Nancy Peirce from the Park District, and she thought it was a great idea.  They can supply the paint and we need about 4 Rotary volunteers.
We just need to set a date… early morning is best.  If you have any thoughts, send a note to me at for more info in your email.....
The Passing of Rotarian Frank Luporini
Sad news — I was walking at Western Gateway this a.m. and talked to Betty - Frank’s daughter — she said he passed just this morning of natural causes — no heart attack, no Covid...has been in hospice for the last two weeks.  I asked Betty how she was doing health-wise and she said “well”....sorry to pass this along — I offered to share with Rotary and she appreciated that.  She said memorial of some sort will likely be in a few months — in the Bay Area.  She will let me know.

Newer members may not know of Frank but he was a quiet “character” and quite the bocce player well into his 90’s. 

Be well.

Debbi Corbett
And from the Spoke sent on Sunday:
A Super Duper Zoom Social!!  Thanks to everyone who attended the Zoom Zocial last Thursday....Barbara and Ted Ross joined us from Wyoming, it was so great to see their faces!!  Also we had a drop in visit from Cub Scout 275, talking about their Camp Cards (discount cards for local stores and restaurants -- the Scouts are raising money to go to camp this summer)...if you want to purchase one, here's the link:
May is Youth Service Month ....We honor all our Interactors, our REGL campers and our RYLA campers past, present and future. RYLA candidate selection happened last week and, if the camp is held this summer, two Penn Valley students will be sponsored by our club: Hannah West from Ghidotti High School and Emily Bedell from Nevada Union, who are both graduates of REGL camp...We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can attend this summer....Congratulations to both young women!!!
Nevada County has initiated a Relief Fund...donations will support the frontline safety net nonprofits who are providing a life line to our neighbors most in need. It will also help small businesses and nonprofits vital to our community with micro-grants to help cover key expenses until they reopen or resume normal operation. Check out for details.


Classes on everything from club secretary to club Avenues of Services chairs are now featured on-line through our Leadership Learning Assembly (LLA), thanks to our fabulous District Training team lead by Penn Valley Rotarian Karen McDonald...check out this link if you are in need of a refresher or want to learn about a few area to service our Club... Also another Grants Management Training is scheduled for May 6 from noon to 1 for those wanted to help with managing our District grants funding... check it out at this link...
Rotary International is designing a way for us to meet with others from throughout the world in June...Save the date and visit the Rotary International website for details...
Check your emails regularly for communications like a Doodle survey on Zoom meetings...We're looking to see when the next best date is for the next meeting....We still have a tentative social on May 26 at the Curious Forge...We might use zoom video...and we've also been talking with local businesses on having Zoom videos, like Sierra Starr, for meeting speakers...stay tuned and check your emails...Until next time, stay positive, test negative!
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