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Joanie Bumpus  May 2
Phil Conlon         May 3
Kathy Williamson May 10
Hank Weston       May 11
Darleen Won-Golder      May 15
Dave Walker        May 15
Doug McDonald    May 27
Carle Bumpus      May 30
Rotary Anniversary Join Dates
Michael Green   May 10, 1995
Mike Dobbins      May 24 1987
Joan Bumpus      May 28 1987
We will have a noon club meeting on May 19...we've scheduled Supervisor Sue Hoek and a visit from Andrew Puleo (if he's not studying) our former Rotary Youth Exchange student, to join us for some updates..
Also, on May 26, at 5 pm, we'll be treated to a Zoom Zocial with a video walk through of the Curious Forge ...stay tuned and check your emails for the Zoom links...
Celebrate Good Times!!  8th grade graduation celebration...
There will be a Graduation drive-by celebration on June 4 for the 8th graders...we have been asked to help with directing traffic and staging starting at 9 am...if you can help, let President Lindy 
Our community service chair, Joannie Bumpus, has ask for helpers to volunteer to paint the Women's Bathroom at Western may be a summer long project with one or two painters at a time but the Park will supply the paint and it should be a good way to get out and Joan Bumpus at or 530-460-1805 to sign up...

The 2020 Free Residential Green Waste Event is scheduled for May 17th – June 27th, 2020.Penn Valley Rodeo Grounds 10513 Spenceville Road, Penn Valley, from 9am – 3pm Sunday - Tuesday 

Volunteers Julie at

Save the Date for Rotary International's Free Virtual Event

"Now More than Ever, Rotary Connects the World: The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention"....When: 20-26 June,,,,,For more information:

Notes from the PV Rotary Club Board meeting...

-Approval was given to retain the sponsorship  funds for RYLA students and REGL team with the District committees for 2021 program year...

-2020-2021 Officers and Directors to date: President Pamela Yazell, Vice President Rick Nolle, Secretary Dan Halloran, Treasurer Ed McSweeney, Sargeant at Arms (vacant), Past President, Lindy Beatie, President Elect - vacant...Committee Chairs: Club Administration: Joyce Feldman; Rotary Foundation: Joan Bumpus; Membership: Mark Fleming; Youth Services: Lindy Beatie; Public Image: Mike Dobbins...vacant committee chairs include Community Service, International Service..

-PE Pamela discussed the "new normal" for club meetings will be a bit different...possibly less meetings, more virtual meetings and outdoor socials during the summer...

-A suggestion was made to hold a fundraiser for a memorial bench or plaque for Frank Luporini...a possible Boccie Ball game or contest was discussed.

-The outgoing and incoming board will meet jointly on June 9.  

Remember to check out the District 5190 Leadership Learning Assembly online classes...
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