Member Responsibilities
Greeter - Natalie Hannah
Pledge - Rick Nolle
Invocation - Barbara Ross
4-Way Test - Sheila Grizzell
2016-17 President's Theme
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Tuesday, Jan. 10 - Penn Valley Rotary Club Board Meeting 
Saturday, Feb. 4 - Pre-PETS
March 3 -5 - PETS
Friday, March 31 - Grants Management Training
Saturday, April 1 - Club Leadership Assembly
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Bob Kline
Jan Kline
February 6
Join Date
Lori Jayne
February 5, 2009
8 years
Greg Marshall
February 11, 2014
3 years
DGE Doug McDonald
February 17, 1972
45 years
Sheila Grizzell
February 23, 2016
1 year
Jeanne Puleo
February 26, 2013
4 years
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Regular Club Meeting
12:15 PM
Program:  Rotary Instrumental Music Contest
President's Message
David Walker
member photo
Karen McDonald
From co-president Dave Walker
It was so rewarding to have a packed room for our meeting on the 24th.  We had a great turnout from our regular club members, three guests from Grass Valley, one school Principal, two parents, an amazing Student who received the Award of Excellence from Ready Springs School and a visitor who was checking us out.  I don’t think it gets any better than that!
Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon and Natalie Hannah each received their well deserved permanent badge.  
Principal Joy Davis, gave a great introduction and presentation of the Award of Excellence to eighth grade student Hannah WestHannah is a true inspiration to us all.  She is the second from the youngest of eighteen (or is it twelve) siblings and her parents couldn’t be prouder. I also had the pleasure of working with Heather when I was allowed to mentor at camp REGAL.  The leadership of our future is going to be in awesome hands.
Nevada Counties Information Officer, Steve Monaghan, gave us a wonderful and complete presentation on the workings of his department and the activities of the County under his watch. It is rewarding to me that our local Rotarians are involved in many of the ongoing activities in the forefront of County activities. A small example would be Greg’s previous running of the Airport, Bob’s Presidency of PV Community Foundation which will include a branch of the County library, Rick’s Presidency of the Fire Safe Council as it applies to our dying forest due to bark beetle infestation. 
Next week is our music contest. We have two contestants this year.
Evan Rashby is a Senior at Nevada Union and he will be playing the Alto Sax
Tanner Day is a Junior at Bitney Charter and he will be playing the Guitar.
Our Judges, Timers, Tellers and awards are ready for a wonderful presentation.