On Friday, March 29, over 110 attendees paid tribute to the work of retired County Supervisor Hank Weston at our club’s fourth Distinguished Citizen Dinner. The event was a combination of community thanks to Hank for his years of service and an opportunity to raise funds for Rotary youth programs in our area.  

“It’s important that we work to support our youth,” Hank stressed in accepting the award. “It’s about the good we can do in our community through Rotary.” A wonderful video produced by Rotarian Larry Clark of Modesto highlighted Hank’s 45 years in the fire service throughout Northern California and his 12 years as District 4 Supervisor.  He was instrumental in securing funds to restore the Bridgeport Bridge. He also initiated the county’s first community Municipal Advisory Council for the Penn Valley area. This council gives community residents an opportunity for input on county land use issues. One of the highlights of the evening was when Hank discovered, to his surprise, that his three brothers from outside the area were in attendance. “This must have been the work of Kandy (his wife),” Hank exclaimed. 

Nearly $5,000 was raised by the club from this event, which will support the Rotary Eighth Grade Leadership (REGL) program at Ready Springs, programs aimed at improving communications among students, Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) and Penn Valley Little League to name just a few.  

Special thanks to all those who attended and contributed to making this a winning event.